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The following list is a sample of the questions asked most frequently by our new clients.  If you have a question that is still unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact a Siyaya Placements staffing services specialist.

  • Why is there an 8-hour minimum?
  • What kind of turnaround can I expect?
  • Can I hire a temporary staffer as a direct employee?
  • Can I use another agency other than Siyaya Placements to recruit for this position?
  • What kinds of questions will the Siyaya Placements resource manager ask me about the position to be filled?
  • What are the main advantages of using Siyaya Placements staffing services to find employees?
  • How will we help you achieve your goals of attracting the most qualified persons?
  • Does Siyaya Placements have a good understanding and appreciation of the legislative framework?

Q:    Why is there an 8-hour minimum?
A:    Siyaya Placements temporary employees are very specialized and have a lot of training and experience -- they are much more skilled than the average temporary employee.  Because our professionals are in great demand, we require that you hire them for a minimum of eight hours of work.  If you hire a temp for any amount of time less than eight hours, you will be billed for eight hours.

Q:    What kind of turnaround can I expect?
A:    After you send a request via fax, e-mail, you should get a call that day (or within 24 hours acknowledging your request if the request is sent towards the end of the business day) to confirm the request and follow-up with more details as necessary.

Q:    Can I hire a temporary staffer as a direct employee?
A:    Yes, if the employee is available. While the employee is temporary, Siyaya Placements charges an hourly rate. When you decide to hire the temp as a direct employee, you will pay a one-time fee to SIYAYA PLACEMENTS for the placement. The fee is based on the first-year salary for the position.

Q:    Can I use another agency other than SIYAYA PLACEMENTS to recruit for this position?
A:    Yes. Siyaya Placements does not restrict you from advertising the position elsewhere.

Q:    What kinds of questions will the Siyaya Placements contracts manager ask me about the position to be filled?
A:    The contracts manager will want to know as many details about the requirements for the position, as well as the working environment at your company. For example, your specialist may ask:

  • What are the primary responsibilities for the position?
  • What software skills are necessary for the candidate?
  • Does the position require supervisory duties?
  • What is your office environment like?

The more you tell us, the better equipped we are to fill your request quickly and successfully.

Q:    What are the main advantages of using Siyaya Placements staffing services to find employees?
A:    Our recruitment service offers many advantages over our competitors. These advantages include:

  • A database of over 25,000 screened candidates.
  • Professional track record of Siyaya Placements for over 7 years.
  • Siyaya Placements is registered with APSO (Association of Personnel Service Organisations) as a Temporary Staff Employment Service Member.
  • Siyaya Placements is registered with the Department of Labour.
  • Siyaya Placements statutory requirements with SARS and UIF is up to date.

Q:    How will we help you achieve your goals of attracting the most qualified persons?
A:    When it comes to attracting top talent, Siyaya Placements use-interviewing techniques that aim to uncover what each candidate truly brings to the table and more. And they do not waste much time or effort to obtain, either.

It has been proven that when a job has been pared down to its key elements, it is easier to fill with the right candidate.  Conducting a companywide job analysis will result in a job description for the position by the client.  This allows the recruiter to more easily determine if a candidate possesses the basic skills necessary to perform the job.

Basic key skills required for the job, what types of behaviors are common in people who are already successfully employed in the position you are hiring for are critical to a successful filling of your vacancy.

It is further essential that the client shares with the recruitment company the company’s core values as they are in effect selling the client to prospective employees.

Employers who provide interviewers with more accurate information on what is needed to match people with jobs increase effectiveness.  Another benefit of job analysis is that the prospective employee will enter the job with a clear expectation of what is expected day-to-day.

Reaching out to a temporary employment service often plays a key role in answering this question.  Siyaya Placements is a talent acquisition specialist company which focuses on helping their clients identify, attract, and hire the most qualified individuals for their unique organizational needs.

Q:    But why should you choose Siyaya Placements?
A:    Because of our process:

There are two main considerations here.  First, we qualify the position in question.  Our methods demonstrate a clear ability to flesh out the complete nature of the position and the culture of the organization.  Second, we manage the recruitment process itself.  We identify, access, and attract the most qualified candidates for the position.  We search our database and utilise internet job board advertising and recruit passive as well as active talent for your specific needs.

Because we will be a ‘credible ambassador’ for your organization:

Siyaya Placements will be a direct reflection of your company and brand.  We engage with our clients so they get to know our contract managers, our level of professionalism, and stand for our reputation in the business community at large (client references attached).

Because only experienced and trained consultants and contract managers will be handling your search:

Only the best people for your particular project that have been trained at our professional institute, APSO, and with experience in temporary recruitment methodology, will be assigned to your project and will be given a high level of priority.  You will have direct access to the recruiters and contract managers handling your assignments:

Because our consultants and contract managers understand the real strategic, operational, and financial importance of the position and possess the skills and experience necessary to recruit for that opening:

At Siyaya Placements, we interview our clients to get to know their organization, its business units, products and services, corporate strategies and outlook in order to understand and share their competitive forces that you face and the type of talent that would give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Because Siyaya Placements has knowledge of the industry and type of positions in question:

Siyaya Placements has knowledge of the industry and the skills and experience necessary to recruit effectively and has the ability to leverage a well-established network of contacts.  (See references attached).

Because Siyaya Placements metrics related to typical benchmarks for temporary employment service recruitment projects are competitive and on industry standard:

Siyaya Placements average time to complete a temporary employment service recruitment project ranges between 12 – 72 hours.  We provide regular progress reports should the assignment take longer than expected.

Because you can expect post-hire services from Siyaya Placements after the completion:

Post-hire integration of new hires into an organization is greatly facilitated when Siyaya Placements continues to follow-up on placed candidates helping to prevent and if necessary troubleshoot problems that often arise in the beginning of a new assignment.

Because Siyaya Placements ‘guarantees’ a replacement for temporary employment candidates:

What happens is a temporary employee quits shortly after being hired?  Siyaya Placements will replace the temporary employee with another candidate within 72 hours.  Should Siyaya Placements not be successful in replacing the client is entitled to approach other recruitment firms on its preferred supplier list to fill the vacancy.

Because Siyaya Placements utilize retention-variable analysis to qualify potential candidates:

Siyaya Placements not only qualify candidates based on skills and experience but also screen applicants using factors known to influence retention.  They communicate regularly with the candidate during the post-hire integration phase to assist with retention and to avoid a candidate's early departure if at all possible.

Because Siyaya Placements do not face any ‘Off Limits’ policies when seeking to recruit the talent that you seek:

Large temporary employment services or those who are overly saturated in a singular industry often cannot freely source the talent that you seek because of their off-limit restrictions.  Off limit policies simply means that it is unethical for the temporary employment service to source candidates from existing clients (Code of Ethical and Best Practice of the Association of Personnel Service Organizations) a good rule to be sure but too much exposure in a particular industry can limit their effectiveness if asked to recruit for your organization.

Siyaya Placements multi-dimensional approach for finding the best active and passive candidates produces valuable results to our clients.  We thoroughly enjoy contributing to each client’s bottom line through strategic talent acquisition with a retention mindset.  We take our work seriously, and our clients reward this with repeat business.  Siyaya Placements track record of success in filling our client’s most difficult strategic talent needs is solid.

Q:    Does Siyaya Placements have a good understanding and appreciation of the legislative framework?
A:    Siyaya Placements, as a member of the Association of Personnel Service Organisations (APSO) and adheres to all relevant Industry legislative frameworks. Siyaya Placements is duly registered and in full compliance with the South African Revenue Service (SARS), Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), Compensation Commissioner (COIDA), Services SETA, and the Department of Labour (DOL). Siyaya Placements is a member of the National Employers Association of South Africa (NEASA) and Small Enterprise Employer of South Africa (SEESA) that ensure that their contracts of employment comply with the Labour Relations Act (LRA) and the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA). SEESA has provided training courses to the principals of Siyaya Placements in Industrial Relations, provided a disciplinary code for Siyaya Placements and its temporary employees, and provides advice and chairs all disciplinary hearings for Siyaya Placements to ensure that the hearings are done procedurally fair and professionally.

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3 Star Quality Management System Rating

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